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Interviews and Media Presence

‘No coincedence’: Liu Xia released as China seeks united trade front with Germany. Article with Insa Ewert, South China Morning Post, 10.7.2018

Market Economy Status for China: The Views From Brussels and Beijing. Article by Insa Ewert and Jan Philipp Pöter, 25.7.206

More Concrete Actions to Realize the Four Partnerships. Interview with Insa Ewert, CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of European Studies, 7.6.2016

German Chancellor Merkel to raise EU fears over Beijing’s new NGO law and steel production during China visit. Article with Insa Ewert, South China Morning Post, 12.6.2016


Interviews for Young China Watchers

Speaker Interview: Philippe Le Corre: Challenges and Successes of Chinese Foreign Investments

Voices on China: Isabel Hilton: Founder and Editor of Chinadialogue

Speaker Interview: Angela Stanzel: Reporting in and from China

Speaker Interview: Jörg Wuttke: The EU Business Outlook on China

YCW Conversation: Scramble for China? European Countries between Cooperation and Competition, with Angela Stanzel (ECFR), Shada Islam (Friends of Europe) and Damian Tobin (SOAS)
Part I
Part II

YCW Speaker Interview: Jonas Parello-Plesner: China’s Strong Arm – Protecting Citizen’s and Assets Abroad


Conference Presentations and Lectures

Global Trade Governance, 19.1.2017 Shanghai Social Studies Colloquium | Shanghai

EU Policy-Making in a Changing World Order: The Case of the EU-China Bilateral Investment Agreement, 06.09.2016 UACES 46th Annual Conference | Queen Mary University London

The Sino-European Trade and Investment Relationship, 10.5.2016 European Commission, Blue Book EU-Asia-Pacific Subcommittee| Brussels

Changing China: Representations of China in the European Institutions, 13.05.2016 The European Union in International Affairs (EUIA) | Brussels

The EU rewords its strategy towards LAC: an attempt to regain the lost space to China? China’s growing projection in Latin America and the Caribbean: impacts and challenges facing the hemispherical dynamics, 21.04.2016 | Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Universidad Pontifica Javeriana, Bogota

EU Policy making in a changing world order: studying knowledge and perceptions on China, 19.03.2016 57th ISA Annual Convention| Atlanta

The EU-China Bilateral Investment Agreement, EU-China Economic and Trade Relations, Vesalius College, 28.01.2016 | VUB Brussels

Debating “China in Africa” – A Comparison of Chinese, ‘African’ and ‘Western’ Perspectives, Area Studies and International Relations: Intersecting Dimensions, 19.06.2015 | Middle Eastern Technical University Ankara